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2020 Landscaping And Outdoor Design Trends

2020 Landscaping And Outdoor Design Trends

Each decade features its own distinct landscaping design trend that’s largely influenced by the world’s social and economic states. For instance, in the 1920s, fences weren’t a thing. People wanted to draw more of nature into their homes by having their front yards surrounded by perennials. When the men were returning from the Second World War and the suburbs were flourishing in the 1950s, the rise of modern landscaping took place and the trends shifted from elaborately designed outdoor spaces to subtler and more toned-down styles. 

Furthermore, landscape design in the 1960s focused on enriching the family experience through picnics and barbecues. During this time, landscape maintenance company became a need as green and pristine-looking lawns have become the strongest symbol of prosperity and the Great American Dream. When the era of industrialization took place in the 1970s, the desire to get back to nature became the driving force of landscape designs. It was also the time when consumers developed an obsession with the idea of growing their own food. As vegetable and herb gardens became all the rage and the landscape industry was compelled to adapt and evolve, new skillsets for gardening began to develop as well. 

The landscaping industry experienced significant changes when computer technology changed the world in the 1980s. This was when computer-based designs were being used to lay the foundation for more advanced software. During the 1990s, most consumers lost their interest in the landscape industry as Home Depot as well as other home improvement retailers ushered in the DIY era. The DIY craze eventually fizzled out in the mid-90s when homeowners began to realize that large projects demand an equally huge chunk of their time. This made the landscaping industry come back with a vengeance. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when sustainability became a popular trend among consumers. More and more people began using the internet to share their knowledge and interest in composting, gardening, organic produce, xeriscapes, micro landscapes for outdoor spaces that are smaller than usual.

2020 Landscaping And Outdoor Design Trends

As we’re standing on the precipice of a new decade, you might be wondering about what you might find in the curb appeal of the year 2020’s landscaping trends. Check these out:

Low Maintenance Lawns

In today’s busy world, consumers prefer to spend their time socializing and relaxing in their private outdoor oasis rather than tending to it. Imagine family gatherings fit perfectly with exquisitely designed poolscapes and gorgeous patios. Since more and more consumers are adopting a greener lifestyle, low maintenance lawns are more appealing to them because these need less hydration. You can expect to see landscape designs that feature low-maintenance, crisp, green turf or artificial grass.

Vertical Gardening

Since apartment living and small home living is widely embraced by people across the country and in other parts of the world, vertical gardening is going to become hugely popular in the 2020s. Vertical gardening offers more room for creativity, whether they’re planted indoors or outdoors, with flowers or even edible plants. 

Minimalist Lighting

Minimalism will become a major trend in 2020. Incorporating the concept of minimalism into lighting means keeping lighting fixtures hidden as they project light into the outdoor space that you want to present. You’ll see more warm, low-voltage LED lighting emanating from under benches, bridges, walkways or stairs.   

Darker Color Palettes

Aside from providing a modern and sophisticated look, the use of dark colors such as charcoal grey provides an illusion of more space. 

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