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Community Organizing and Neighborhood Advocacy

Community Organizing and Neighborhood Advocacy

Through various organizational committees that seek to engage and involve disconnected community stakeholders, HI works to create a diverse, tolerant, and interconnected community based on a comprehensive vision. Among its significant community building services,HI produces a monthly tabloid-style newspaper, the Hazelwood Homepage; maintains a community resource web site,; hosts numerous cultural and civic events; provides an open forum for community issues at its monthly General Membership meetings; and initiates and facilitates block club development. HI strives to be democratic in governance, open and accessible to community members, and adept at emphasizing issues of immediate importance while linking them to a larger vision of the common good.

Our Community Vision

We envision Hazelwood as a space for innovation, transportation, creativity, entrepreneurship and jobs creation; a welcoming community that is socially, economically and culturally diverse. … Read the rest

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Elected officials and the Regional Asset District Board also launched into action. Coming days after the Regional Asset District allocated $17.6 million to the library’s 2010 budget, the same amount it received this year, the RAD Board voted to conduct an audit of the Carnegie Library. “This is the first time we’ve used our authority in such a broad way,” said David Donohoe, RAD Executive Director. The review is not a “performance audit” of the library’s present financial condition, but a study of the factors it used to predict future deficits. What comes of that audit remains to be seen. Meeting for October 24 in Lawrenceville with Library representatives and residents of the effected neighborhoods where some times they visited … Read the rest

The children’s section of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

The children's section of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

But the actions of the Library board fell pretty true to form. The library had been laying the groundwork since late winter with the release of studies by CMU and the Rand Corp. indicating that without new sources of revenue, retrenchment was needed. The Rand study, Assessing the Future of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh—Pathways to Sustainability, highlighted nine opportunities one of which was to “Conduct a right-sizing assessment for the number and size of facilities, staffing, and holdings and implement the new strategy.” After releasing predictions of the $6 million shortfall, it followed with three town hall-style public meetings in the summer to collect suggestions on how to save money. Many Hazelwood residents attended these meetings and several gave impassioned … Read the rest