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Community Organizing and Neighborhood Advocacy

Community Organizing and Neighborhood Advocacy

Through various organizational committees that seek to engage and involve disconnected community stakeholders, HI works to create a diverse, tolerant, and interconnected community based on a comprehensive vision. Among its significant community building services,HI produces a monthly tabloid-style newspaper, the Hazelwood Homepage; maintains a community resource web site,; hosts numerous cultural and civic events; provides an open forum for community issues at its monthly General Membership meetings; and initiates and facilitates block club development. HI strives to be democratic in governance, open and accessible to community members, and adept at emphasizing issues of immediate importance while linking them to a larger vision of the common good.

Our Community Vision

We envision Hazelwood as a space for innovation, transportation, creativity, entrepreneurship and jobs creation; a welcoming community that is socially, economically and culturally diverse. We strive for a unified, collaborative Hazelwood and a visibly improving quality of life that everyone can be proud of our promise to the community.

Community Organizing and Neighborhood Advocacy

As the go-to community-based organization, Hazelwood Initiative will engage, listen, inform and mobilize around shared neighborhood priorities to support a community that advocates, participates, and encourages self-sufficiency and builds true empowerment. We will gather and share resources, encourage partnerships with organizations best suited to meet community needs and provide referrals to help residents provide for themselves and their families. We will recognize our unique community assets, including our people, hillsides, river, greenspace, brownfield, and historic buildings, and weʼll use our assets to develop a greener and healthier Hazelwood. Learn more about entails advocacy by a community.

Our Community Mission

The mission of Hazelwood Initiative as a community-based community development corporation, is to be community driven, providing a shared stronger voice for Greater Hazelwood by gathering community input to build a sense of hope, harmony, and promise, by supporting human, spiritual and continuing community development.

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